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The people that make up Fishing Abilities Inc.


Dan Badur

DanMy name is Dan Badur and I have loved to fish ever since I was old enough to hold a pole and at the age of 15 (36 years ago) I fell out of a tree and broke my neck thus becoming a quadriplegic. My love for fishing remained, I just had to find a new way to do it. I found an electric fishing reel, modified the button where I could push it with my head & my brother made a rod holder that mounted to my wheelchair, once again I was able to fish. Over the years many things have been modified by several different friends, such as speed control for the reel and a new rod holder that allowed me to set the hook and the latest modification was adding a twitch to the rod holder in order to work the artificial baits better.

Tim Klusczinski


Jim Meckley

JimMy name is James L. Meckley (Jim) My father, brother in-law and I would fish a lot together up north in Canada. In 1994 or 95 my girl friend, at the time didn't like me gone all the time fishing up north! One day, she was reading the news paper and she saw a free two-week fishing trip in Michigan, she thought that would be closer and she might be able to join me. She told me about it and said, you just need to help with a quadriplegic. I wasn't sure what that meant or what a Quadriplegic was, I knew it meant he was in a wheel chair, I thought to my self, what does all that mean? So I called the number, spoke with Dan, asked if I could come meet him to see what was being asked of me. it turns out that Dan broke his neck the week before my mom died.

He was a couple years younger then me, I was Impressed with his attitude, spirit and the fact he thought he could out fish me, which many times he has. Ha Ha. I said I would do it and thought it might be interesting. It turned out to be a lot of work, it was both of us every day on his boat fishing for several hours in the morning and again several hours in the evening, he was always ready to fish even when I was ready to take a nap! We had a great time though!

When the trip was over and we got back to their house, before I left to go home they asked how I liked it. I enjoyed it a lot I said, and they asked me if I would like to do it again next year? I did and have been since. He is my best friend and very much my little brother. I love him and his family, mom and dad (that's what I call them ever since). Over the years they have enriched my life tremendously and I can't thank them enough. We have done many things together, the four of us or the two of us have gone many places and done many things. Dan is the real hero and the inspiration for many to follow and young people to look up to. He has taught me a new meaning to life, and never quitting.

His motto is and has all ways been: "A Bad day fishing is better than a good day not!" God bless them all.