Fishing Abilities Inc. - Manufacturing and distributing adaptive fishing devices and Fishing Systems to physically challenged individuals
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Picture Gallery


Below are pictures of some of the fish I've caught throughout the years of using "Dan's Fishing System"

Dan_&_Dad_Bluegill_Fishing Dan_&_Jim_with_a_couple_of_3+_lb_bass Jim_Dan_w_a_nice_Stringer_6-18_4 Dan_&_Ken_with_a_Bass Dan_&_Ken_with_a_Bass2 Dan_&_Mike_at_Pond A nice batch of walleye Jim_Dan_w_a_nice_Stringer Jim_Dan_w_a_nice_Stringer_6-23_4 Dan_Jim_morning_catch2 Dans_3lb_10oz_bass Jim_&_Dan2 Roland Martin & Dan with a 9lb bass jim-dan1 jim-dan2 jim-dan3 jim-dan4 Jims_3lb_5oz_bass_6-18_3 Dan_Jim_&_Gary_Heading_Out Gary_Setting_Up Dan_&_Gary_Trolling_for_Musky Jim_Dan_&_Gary_trolling_for_musky Sunrise_on_Barbie_Chain Bear_Lake_Sunset2 jquery lightbox with videoby v5.9