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Freedom Fisher


Introducing our new
Freedom Fisher
Power-Assist Reel System

We're currently experiencing an unexpected, high demand for the FreedomFISHR system. New units will be available soon. Until then, there will a short delay in order shipment.

We will also be closed from July 28th-August 14th. Any orders placed between that will not be shipped until August 14th or 15th.

Fishing Abilities wishes to thank its many customers for their loyalty and support. Please click here to email us your contact info someone will be in touch as soon as they are available or check back often for updates and announcements.

The FreedomFISHR™ replaces a manual crank with a powerful 12V gear motor - making one-handed fishing, effortless! Advanced circuitry along with Lithium-Ion Polymer battery technology bring this system to life with more efficiently than ever before. The FreedomFISHR™ was engineered for weight reduction and value WITHOUT ever compromising power and capability. The end result is a superior product with less fatigue, better sensitivity and bringing more FUN to your fishing experience!

We currently offer 2 Shimano spinning reels our main reel is the Syncopate 2500 (which is a good all around the reel) if you would like a slightly smaller reel we also have the Syncopate 1000 (Which is good for panfish and small trout) at no extra charge.

Click here to see the Manufacturer's Spec's on the 2 reels .

Here is a picture of the reels side by side.

Click the picture to Enlarge it.

Side by Side

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FreedomFISHR Reel FreedomFISHR Reel FreedomFISHR Reel FreedomFISHR Reel & Controller FreedomFISHR Reel Freedom FISHR Controller FreedomFISHR Battery, Charger & Belt Clip FreedomFISHR Controller & Battery Backside Tim with FreedomFISHR Reel, Controller & Battery Pack Tim with FreedomFISHR Reel, Controller & Battery Pack FreedomFISHR Reel & Thumb Button FreedomFISHR PWM & Battery Pack FreedomFISHR PWM & Battery Pack Our first batch of FreedomFISHR reels Shimano Syncopate 2500 FG Reel

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