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Video Gallery


There are several videos here, please scrool down to view them all.

Here is a video from one of our customers (Jeff Malloy) who was kind enough to make this video and demonstrate how our BadurMATE™ system works. Check out his other video of him catching bass on our testimonials page.

Here is a demonstration of a beta version of our FreedomFISHR™ Power-Assist Fishing Reel being used with the BadurMATE™ Fishing System, we also have the FreedomFISHR™ Power-Assist One Armed Fishing System.

In 1998, WNDU (our local NBC affiliate) & reporter Terry McFadden asked to do a story on me & how I fish.  Off we went to a local pond that I have access to, although the bass were small this day, we still had fun! This was the first version of the "Whammer Slammer" as you can see we've made a lot of improvements!   It This video is 3min. 47sec. in length. Click below to view the segment.

In 1984 I got the opportunity of a lifetime! To fish with a Bass Fishing Legend and someone I had watched on TV since I was a kid. On top of that it was shown on National Television. Fishing with Roland Martin on Lake Okeechobee was quite an experience and while doing the show I caught my largest bass to date, a 9lb.'er!

This was before the "Whammer Slammer", I was unable to set the hook and just had to start reeling I got a bite, as you can see it still worked out pretty well. The invention of the "Whammer Slammer" allowed me to catch a lot more fish though. This video is 19min. 41sec.'s in length.